Ministry Trainee Programme

Ministry Trainee Programme

Equipping God’s people for works of service to build up the body of Christ

The Ministry Trainee Programme at St Mary’s aims to equip disciples of Jesus to serve his church. We want to give people opportunities to get hands-on experience of a busy town-centre church, serve those in the church and the local area, whilst looking to grow to become disciples of Jesus Christ and be equipped for serving the church wherever you may end up in the future.

Core Components


Through the supervision of a member of church staff, mentoring from a member of the church family, and week-by-week fellowship of the wider church family we long primarily for each Ministry Trainee to grow in their love of Jesus Christ and their personal godliness as they look to follow him in everyday life.


Each Ministry Trainee will be part of a regional Ministry Training Course, as well as receiving internal training from church staff to grow biblical and theological knowledge as well as skills for ministry.


Ministry literally means service. The Ministry Trainee Programme gives individuals opportunities to experience different areas of ministry at St Mary’s by serving in various capacities. There may be opportunities to focus in a particular area of ministry whilst also experiencing the wide-ranging nature of church life. Opportunities to serve will include the practical ministry necessary for the day- to-day running of the church and teaching ministry.

For further information or to apply please contact the church office, at

We also run a Gap Year Scheme for those finishing college. For more information about this please contact the church office.